Eclipse War Online Open beta
Eclipse war online got into Open beta, after a very successful Closed Beta period and with no wipe out, you can sing up today on this very interesting world of transforming. 
-How you transform??
Every monster in game you kill drop a card and every card have stars and grade. More stars the card have, better stronger transform. You have separate skills for yourself as a character and another one when you will transform. You can refine, combine the cards to make it stronger and the game have over 700 cards, so that will be a lot of playing to get them all.
The game is free to play, the client is just 2gb, sing up today and have fun in game. 
Below you can check out my first gameplay of the game how i reach Level 10 with my Warrior.
  Download and play for free: http://eclipsewar.playrohan.com/down.html

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