Monkey King Online Gameplay
Monkey King Online is browser 2.5 action rpg game released by r2games the company famous by blood and jade, league of angels and the popular Wartune. The game got released march 2014 and until now they've updated the game with couple of servers and increased the level cap. Since the servers are new you can get lot of bonuses from the game by gaining level or if you buy some amount of the store "money". You have 4 clases to chose from and begin your adventure to the fantasy world. If you like AFK game you will love this one because it has a lot of dungeon and quests that need auto combat feature but that doesnt meen that you don't have to be infront of the game. here you can check out the gameplay with the iron fan class and im going through the main quests from level 3 to level 48. Enjoy the Video !!!

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