TERA Online will be available for free worldwide this February. Nothing will be closed like limit to level or pay for some dungeon quests, everything will be available from the game for everyone and none of it will cost you something. There will be market in game where with real money you can buy potions, buffs, skins and a lot of other stuff
if you want to advance faster in game. For all the customers who have bought TERA there will be a lot of gifts and advantages in game and some elite statuses. So now we just have to wait until February to join the World of TERA.

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  1. Very intresting game, i like to play it. Keep posting more games like that. Kurumsal Toner

  2. Keep in mind I was only mobbing two dragoon's at the time. If you can get the full spawn and have someone helping you can easily control the 10 dragoons at once they spawn about 14 minions every time they use the bucking skill and www.teragoldvip.com will keep spawning more add's every time they repeat that attack which makes it insane experience.