This is gameplay of Torchlight 2 with SynergiesMOD mod.
SynergiesMOD gives:
106 Elite Monsters - Tougher Monsters, carrying better loots. Randomly spawning additional to the raised vanilla spawns.
106 Hero Monsters - not the average size.
11+ World Bosses and 6 Rare Dragons - The ultimate challenge! Some spawning as Raid Bosses, on the overworld maps, or randomly with a Phase Beast!
24 Endgame Raid Dungeons and Overworld Maps! - Raid like dungeon chains, challenging and fun, with different Bosses awaiting you at the end!
5 Legendary Armor Sets, 23 New Legendary Weapons! - Uniquely skinned endgame Items, made from crafting supplies dropped by the World Bosses.
4 New Classes - Necromancer! Paladin! Ninja!
Countless (50+) New Pets
1 New Town 
many more custom Dungeons, Mods and useful things!
a completely new playthrough experience and ton's of endgame content. keeping you busy, not only after level 100!
Download link: http://www.synergiesmod.com/patchNote...
How to install: http://forums.synergiesmod.com/index....
Donate for support : http://goo.gl/L1mhp

It's a gread mod and it's a must have :)

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